Achieve Your Champion is holding our 1 st 
“Win a Trip of a Lifetime Raffle” to raise funds for all our programs. These funds will help with the continued success of our organization. With the cost of equipment, insurance, facilities rentals, being what they are, fundraising is a necessity not an option for us. AYC has committed to addressing these needs by offering this great opportunity for all to benefit. 
     Drawing will be held on 
(3/13/19, 7:00pm, Round Table Pizza Oceanside 3440 Marron Rd 92056) 
All families are asked to please support this fundraising program. For further information, please contact.
(Damon Marrero @ 760.421.9131. or email admin@achieveyourchampion.com) Thank you in
advance for your support of (Achieve Your Champion).
*Achieve Your Champion is a 501(c)3 organization that provides educational fitness and activities for children.*
Are You Ready to win
the trip of a lifetime?
Choose from:
• Carnival Cruise
• Hawaii
• St. Thomas V.I.
• Walt Disney World
• US Open Golf or Tennis
Pro Bowl
• NFL NFC/AFC       Championship
• NCAA Final Four
• BCS Championship
• The Masters
• Indy 500
• Daytona 500
• Kentucky Derby
• MLB, NBA or NHL All –Star
• US Soccer Championships
Who Is Achieve Your Champion?
     We are an organization of parents that are concerned about our children's functionality, longevity and quality of life, by combining  comprehensive strategies and getting to know the children.  We will facilitate the children on the path to a healthy future. 
A Healthier Child Is 
A Happier Child!
 Improving the fitness and nutritional lives of all children is our goal
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Achieve Your Champion
More About Us
 Michael Booker
Damon Marrero
Executive Director AYC-West
Our Mission..
Every Child Deserves To Be A Champion!
  • ACHIEVE YOUR CHAMPION will give parents helpful information and foster an environment that supports healthy choices. ACHIEVE YOUR CHAMPION is not a slogan it's a lifestyle! 
  • Our goal is to provide a fitness and nutritional environment that is obtainable and affordable to everyone. We strive to teach and lead our children to adulthood with a firm understanding of the importance of the proper nutritional intake and activity level. 
Your Raffle Ticket Is A Chance To Win:
  •  Carnival Cruise
  •    Hawaii
  •  St. Thomas V.I.
  •  Walt Disney World
  •  US Open Golf or Tennis
  •  Pro Bowl
  •   NFL NFC/AFC Championship
  •   NCAA Final Four
  •  BCS Championship
  •   The Masters
  •   Indy 500
  •  Daytona 500
  •  Kentucky Derby
  •   MLB, NBA or NHL All –Star
  •  US Soccer Championships
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